Tailored to Your Taste

Tailored to Your Taste

Difference in personal tastes is a significant hurdle in fostering interest. Everyone likes different things, chooses different things and in different ways compared to others. This is the age of personalised advertising and content selection. Personalised content greatly increases traffic, rate of visitor return and even session duration. This is what Artificial Intelligence provides more efficiently than any technology before.

AiCAN is relentlessly searching for ways to use and integrate Artificial Intelligence in every facet of life, therefore we have accumulated some useful and innovative applications. In the following posts we will showcase these already feasible applications with the purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of AI and our own advancements.

Imagine an automatic system that is intimately familiar with you and knows your preferences for the above pictured activities and products. When you log on to the World Wide Web, this AI will highlight content that you would mark interesting after arduous research. This is exactly how leading online stores operate nowadays and technological progress made this incredibly substantial advantageous innovation widely available today.

Beyond your activities, technology can also adapt to you based on your plans, directives, interests or restrictions. As a result you can receive the latest in cancer research without hunting for it or even avoid tragic news to preserve your day’s mood. Utilising the similarities and unique traits of people’s’ taste this intricate attention allows the creation of quick and accurate filters and recommendations.

We are certain that elements of your business’s workflow can be automated with AI: If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, apply for our free, in-person consultation through on one of our contacts.

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