Finally, AiCAN slowly arriving at the end of the year, which will be the company first successful year!

We seen that start-ups and new businesses need to go through rough periods during the first years, we have already done that. We have had difficulties, then it followed by a boom, and now we can say that it was worth launching the process.

Now we would like to show a look-back at what happened this year.

In 2018, January was a decisive month in AiCAN’s life, this was the month when the business idea was born. Than followed several months of learning, and research furthermore we took courses in foreign universities to be deepen our knowledge in speech recognition and generation, image recognition and unique kind of data processing tasks.

The deepening of artificial intelligence has further strengthened the fact, it has countless applications fields and this will be the technology of the future.

We have already finished over many projects, and there are some we are still working on nowadays. Some of these:

We have created an invoice processing software, which is a great help for accountants because it exports information faster and more accurately than an accountant, thereby speeding up the service and increasing the amount of processed invoices.

We have developed a grading module, which after reading and recognizing the text performs grouping in contracts, thus the service process will be faster. Meanwhile, it eliminates the tedious non-challenging tasks.

At last, but not least we have also worked with two companies, whom have developed systematic storage software for optimal warehouse layout.

We have created a product development forecasting software for our partner. This has made us aware of a variety of applications supported by artificial intelligence. Like predicting critical workflows, expose prediction, predicting unnecessary repetition.

The diversity of our projects also shows that artificial intelligence can be integrated in any area of the economy.

The growth of our employees was made possible by the increasing number of concluded contracts, and the company grew to 12 people in half a year. For the coming year, with the growing number of partners, we expect to grow tenfold in the company’s life.

The AiCAN team celebrated the year’s success in a good-looking, corporate dinner and closed the year.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and help. Last but not least, the work of our employees, which helped AiCAN to succeed.

We wish our partners and readers a blessed, peaceful holiday and a happy, successful new year!


The Team of the AiCAN

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