Storage – Order picking

Storage – Order picking

E-commerce is part of everyday life. It began with Christmas shopping, but nowadays even a carton of milk can be delivered right to your door for no extra charge. We know the product we will receive is high quality, but only a few comprehend the mechanisms of the cold and grey warehouse supporting the website that enable armchair shopping. This article will tackle the optimization of order preparation.

AiCAN is relentlessly searching for ways to use and integrate Artificial Intelligence in every facet of life, therefore we have accumulated some useful and innovative applications. In the following posts we will showcase these already feasible applications with the purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of AI and our own advancements.

It’s common practice for webshops to provide an increasingly colorful catalogue in order to attract as many customers as possible. It can also allow the customers to complete their whole shopping on the site and to return even when they are looking for something new. This can mean a range of thousands of items, all in a unique location of the warehouse. The process of preparing these purchases is called order picking. One can imagine the many different sequences and routes for picking up the same order of, for example, five items in a distribution center with a size of thousands of square meters. Most of these routes waste time and energy as experienced order pickers know.

Artificial Intelligence provides a solution for selecting routes. With the accurate knowledge of placed orders and the inventory, AI is capable of grouping orders for specific order pickers and calculating routes through the warehouse for the most efficient order preparation possible. This methods eliminates the need to teach each order picker the layout of the warehouse since optimization is performed by the AI. The Artificial Intelligence takes into account workers’ physical condition and fatigue. For optimal utilization it allocates tasks requiring greater physical effort to the more rested workers. This lowers the workers’ exertion and increases their satisfaction.

We are certain that elements of your business’s workflow can be automated with AI: If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, apply for our free consultation through on one of our contacts.

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