Why does Hungarian TELEKOM apply Artificial Intelligence?

Why does Hungarian TELEKOM apply Artificial Intelligence?

Instead of using the traditional push-button menu system, Vanda is a Hungarian-speaking artificial intelligence-based robot receiving calls at Hungarian Telekom’s telephone customer service.

In the spring of 2018, Hungarian Telekom presented its artificial intelligence-based business assistant, called Vanda. Vanda has been willing to receive calls from customers since summer. This is a digital business assistant that works in the same way as a company representative who helps to establish a relationship with the client through different channels. Vanda currently has the ability to establish a dialogue with chat and telephone-based channels, making it in a  natural language, answering their questions readily based on a static source of information. Helps the client in performing complex business processes, launching appropriate transactions, and redirecting calls to the appropriate customer service group.

What does this virtual business assistant do?

  • Currently, Vanda is speaking 86 languages and dialects, both on voice and chat-based channels.
  • The communication channels you can use: phone, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and web chat.
  • Its service can adapt to the specific needs of customers.
  • Produces detailed reports to measure business results.
  • It can use biometric methods for safe identification.
  • The service can be provided both on-site and from the cloud.

From a customer service point of view, Vanda is able to combine the benefits of meat-blood customer service and traditional push-button systems with the use of artificial intelligence. This helps customers to reach their goals directly.

In the future, Telekom is thinking of more innovative solutions, and we would like to mention one of these, where Vanda would be assigned with an emotional intelligence module.

This will help the system adjust to the client’s emotional level, which the system would determine from the client’s voice.

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