Use cases of Artificial Intelligence

Use cases of Artificial Intelligence

Every beginning is hard, after this will be easy. It is especially true for the phenomenon of latent demand, e.g. research use cases of Artificial Intelligence in your own business. Let’s not forget the relevance of this phenomenon, what show the spread of the smartphones. Nobody needed these before publication, but now we can’t imagine our life without these. Here we come with a blog, which come from a lay „pen”, without jargon and high-level know-how. Target of this blog to bring up use cases of Artificial Intelligence to the reader.

AiCAN is relentlessly searching for ways to use and integrate Artificial Intelligence in every facet of life, therefore we have accumulated some useful and innovative applications. In the following posts we will showcase the already feasible applications with the purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of AI and our own advancements.

I think, when some people hear, artificial intelligence, don’t know, what it means. First me neither. I don’t know, what it means in practice or what is it capable of at the deepest levels, but looking the technology on high level, I know some about the theory and practical use cases of it. I would like to introduce a couple of trivial examples, how we can use AI.

It is valid for all area of life, AI (Artificial Intelligence) CAN. No matter that is connected with visual recognition, speech recognition, reading or with estimation, prognosis.

All of us live through that we saw a strange spot on our skin or we felt uncomfortable and we wanted to go to the doctor in order that say what is that and how can we treat. This process doesn’t happening right away and till then we are nervous. The Artificial Intelligence integration in medicine has a big role. We can establish an application, which recognize problems, diagnose disease by medical evidence, and we can save some time for ourselves to skip human medical control.

Visual recognition has another useful facility, which is the access control systems. This is same in office, in production hall and of course at home. Everyone know this feeling, when we don’t find our entrance card or key, and we must to get a new or replace the lock pro high cost. With AI, we can establish a system, which not necessary none object or tool. For identification you need just an equipped camera and microphone. When an unexpected person want to go in our home, the system inform the owner, or the authority.

The Artificial Intelligence system can be very useful in an office as well, because it can form the handwritten text to digital, what makes easier and more efficient the employee’s work.

In addition there are cameras, what you can clip on your shirt or on your dress, and which help to avoid dangerous situation for visually impaired people. This is a big relief for them, because they are everywhere in a vulnerable position. And how this comes? With AI.

Next to the visual recognition the speech recognition has a big role, too. AI is capable to interpret the verbal commands, you think of home assistants, like Siri, which can communicate with the user. We heard about Alexa, which is Amazon’ s home assistant and a smart home controller. These softwares use AI for speech interpretation. AI systems is capable to recognize the voice of ambulance car in a huge traffic and turn down radio or to recognize a child’s crying and inform it’s parents.

AI has some advantages in reading. Use of AI provides support in office area. We can save time, because these systems can read and interpret e-mails or CV and sorting the possible candidate or interpret which division is a concerned and forward by them the text of a complaint.

AI is able to make estimations and forecasting. for example, to our taste: which product, content we prefer and it gives us some content, so the system provides aimed advertisement to customer.

AI has an important rule inside finance, the tech can detect a fraud in a transaction, and can predict a high-yield, secure background portfolio, based on the observed and evaluated trends and events.

Order picker’s work is difficult. It means some energy demand to pick up some product which located in other places. AI is capable of grouping orders for specific order pickers and calculating the optimal routes through the warehouse for the most efficient order preparation possible.

Not least aspect, we can order automatically suitable product quantity to our storage by future demand, taking into account delivery times, expiration-dates, promotions, etc., with the usage of this tech, we can make our business cost-efficiently.

We saw, that the following statement is true for all area of economy, ‘AiCAN’. From our blog turned out the fundamentally diverse use cases of the technology. These were a few example for problems, which Ai can solve, but the real problems are in your business. We have the solutions and we are ready to give these to you.

We are confident that inside your company there are a lot of tasks which can be automated with AI: In case you would like to enjoy the advantages of artificial intelligence, then apply to our free consultation on one of our contacts.

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