Face Recognition System – Intelligent Home

Face Recognition System – Intelligent Home

It was a busy business day, we arrive at the entrance of our beloved home where we want to spend a quiet evening. But we can not find our key. With artificial intelligence technology, however, it is no longer necessary. But how? It’s clear from the post. So stay with us!

AiCAN is committed to find the usages and integration of artificial intelligence, into our every day lives. We collected a couple off useful and innovative use cases. Inside the following posts you can read about the recently feasible and applicable solutions and case studies. Our goal is to introduce the artificial intelligence to company leaders, and give you a piece about the developments of AiCAN.

Losing a key is a familiar life situation for everyone and we can agree that it isn’t the most enjoyable recognition on a cold, winter evening. We are waiting and hope that our keys haven’t stolen: this is the most you can do at the moment. Luckily, the arrival of our family member will allow us to enter our home and find the missing key chain inside. It’s a positive ending, but not always, if all locks belonging to the key knot need to be replaced, protecting our carefully restored, heavily guarded home.


Comfort and Security

We arrive at the entrance of the apartment, where the access control system with a camera clearly identifies us without doubt and is allowed to enter without any keys. With our artificial intelligence and development we can safely implement it. You can imagine this as if a porter waited for us at night in the door. Sounds good right?

If you link this feature to an intelligent home system you can:

  • If a guest arrives, he or she will be offered to let the persons in the apartment ring if the answer is yes, informing the persons in the apartment about the arrival of the guest.
  • If an unexpected person wants to enter the door, the system will immediately inform the owners and the authorities.
  • Based on the arriving person, configure the heating / cooling, lighting, and any devices to which they are coming at the moment of arrival.

The Face Recognition System can of course serve the comfort of our home, but it can be applied elsewhere as well. Right now access to the office is possible with most RFID TAGs with access cards, but with artificial intelligence it is easy to get rid of these devices. This technology has a number of benefits, there is no longer “forgotten / abandoned” feeling and it can prevent unauthorized access.

We are confident that inside your company there are a lot of tasks which can be automated with AI: In case you would like to enjoy the advantages of artificial intelligence, then apply to our free consultation on one of our contacts.


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