Artificial Intelligence Inside Finance

Artificial Intelligence Inside Finance

Personalized investment packages, credit card transactions, evaluation of loan applications. Two things are common in these processes: finance, and artificial intelligence. Our article deals with AI technology applications in the financial sector, which completely transforms what we have been thinking about finance.

AiCAN is relentlessly searching for ways to use and integrate Artificial Intelligence in every facet of life, therefore we have accumulated some useful and innovative applications. In the following posts we will showcase the already feasible applications with the purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of AI and our own advancements.

The exponential growing of Artificial Intelligence applications is partly due to the vast amount of digitized data. Sectors, where data is available in large quantities can benefit from technology. At present, financial areas have one of the largest teaching example database that enables effective forecasting and event recognition.

We want to keep our investments in safe obviously, because we are talking about the fate of our reserves. An investment portfolio can contain a lot of investment opportunities, from which the consultants choose the right ones personalized to the client. However, this is not a simple task because a wide variety of investments can confuse the most experienced consultant as well. An artificial intelligence is capable of predicting a high-yield, secure background portfolio based on the observed and evaluated trends and events.

Our source of revenue is most often stored on our bank account, which includes a bankcard. Each of us has shopping habits, evaluating these transaction habits the tech can decides whether it’s a fraud or not. Artificial Intelligence is able to learn our habits and types of real transactions and thus recognize the fraud transactions, thus saving our piggy bank.

To get our dream house, most of the times we need financial help. It is feasible with the help of a financial institution who gives us their money for several decades. The transaction is very risky, since non-repayment may cause a significant shortage to the bank. Due to the poorly executed loan applications, the money-paying agencies classify and qualify the client. Nowadays it is done by artificial intelligence that is able to see the relationships between properties and make rational decisions.

We are certain that elements of your business’s workflow can be automated with AI: If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, apply for our free, in-person consultation through on one of our contacts.


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