One more satisfied customer: Kaposvár-Car Kft.

One more satisfied customer: Kaposvár-Car Kft.

One more satisfied customer: Kaposvár-Car Kft.

AiCAN has built a warehouse management solution for another innovative enterprise that minimizes inventory through artificial intelligence technology. Kaposvár-Car Kft.. is an official Renault, Dacia and Hyundai authorized dealership with two locations. There are about 20,000 pieces of different parts available in their trade.

Possible applications in a car dealership

The first phase of the project was the investigation of the possible Artificial Intelligence Technology use cases. Our team, in co-operation with the dealership, has revealed several applications including automatic image processing of part numbers, automated registration of traffic permissions, automatic image processing of invoices or worksheets, vehicle service timing forecasts, and demand forecast for products in the market.

Demand forecast!

With regard to the needs of our partner, the choice, as an artificial intelligence optimization option, has been the data analysis and visualization of the trading warehouse, and the demand forecasting of products. The aim of the project was to create a forecasting manager system for meeting future demand in the warehouse by product quantities, taking into account delivery times, expiration-dates, promotions, etc. As a result, we can provide a constant, adequate stock quantity in the dealer’s warehouse. In addition with such a strategy, accumulation or lack of stock cannot occur. Given the 20,000 different products and the unpredictability of demand, implementing an optimal stock is a challenging task.

Based on learning previous year’s requests, AiDFS will be able to determinate in advance that, what kind of parts will be needed.

AiCAN’s product is an Artificial Intelligence Demand Forecasting Software (AiDFS) that can be set for arbitrary dealership, through multi-year trading data provided by any dealership. In this way, AiDFS can supply demand forecasts for YOU also.

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