Support of Visually Impaired People

Support of Visually Impaired People

In our everyday life it’s natural to open our eyes in the morning and experience the world. However not everyone is as fortunate: the visually impaired have to manage shopping, eating, transportation etc. without the most dominant sense. Technology can aid the visually impaired. With the help of their phones they can receive online reports about the world around them. So join us!

AiCAN is committed to find the usages and integration of artificial intelligence, into our every day lives. We collected a couple off useful and innovative use cases. Inside the following posts you can read about the recently feasible and applicable solutions and case studies. Our goal is to introduce the artificial intelligence to company leaders, and give you a piece about the developments of AiCAN.

From skimming the timetable at the bus stop to finding the use by date on a packet of cacao, we make most of our decisions with the help of our eyes. The time of digital sight has arrived.

The analogy is simple: a hidden camera fastened to your shirt functions as an eye. It continuously monitors the events around the wearer and informs them about the notable ones. One can imagine how the visually impaired can about dangerous situations with a camera attached to their garments. Moreover, we can use the cameras to process alphanumeric information, events, occurrences, sadness, happiness, smiles. This solution expands the connection the visually impaired have with the world, allowing them orientation, and information gathering even when Braille is not available.

With help of Artificial intelligence we can process a phone’s video output in real time to extract text information and convert it to speech. We are certain that elements of your business’s workflow can be automated with AI: If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, apply for our free consultation through on one of our contacts.

We are confident that inside your company there are a lot of tasks which can be automated with AI: In case you would like to enjoy the advantages of artificial intelligence, then apply to our free consultation on one of our contacts.

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