What is artificial intelligence capable of? Part 1

What is artificial intelligence capable of? Part 1

Most of the part of our processes like: production and planning are restricted by the skills of the humans. The last couple of decade went for the robotization to get rid of the human limits. Process controller systems are controlling the robots, these controller’s common property is the running algorithms inside, which are literally the copy of the creator’s thoughts. The “training” of these kinds of systems relies on the transfer function. Transfer function is what makes the available data to the appropriate It has to output. be implemented precisely (so we need to know the exact connections and the underlying truths). The technology of artificial intelligence is changing everything, because we can replace part of the human brain, it is giving us the new generation of the automation. With the usage of the artificial intelligence inside the technological systems, it’s able to learn and reverse engineering the mapping or transfer function between the available input and the expected output, which can be extremely complex occasionally. It means a great advantage against the explicit algorithms, because we don’t need to know the hidden ground truths during the development, systems with artificial intelligence will figure it out. It used to be hard and time consuming to reverse engineer and decrypt these extremely complex logical relations to exact mathematical formulas. We can easily acknowledge that we don’t know anything about the transfer functions and processes inside our brains which is capable of learn and give the right outputs from the available inputs.

I would like to illustrate the above mentioned concepts with an example:

The question is easy: What can you see on the picture? Based on our past experiences our brain can precisely classify the house on the picture (with the help of a hidden complex logical relation). Nevertheless, for a computer which is using conventional image processing methods, will struggle with this task. The relation between the inputs (pixels), and the outputs (decision: house or not) is way complex to determine or precisely determine the exact mathematical formulas. Without the exact hidden formulas, the artificial intelligence is capable of classify the images. How it is capable to that? Realizing the patterns, learn and interpret them even in case of a new never seen picture, just as the human brain is doing. The exact process of it will be mentioned later in the blogs.


The skills of an Ai can be compared to a child who is spanking to the school, but the analogy isn’t complete. Until the child needs years to learn, then the Ai’s learning and progression time are measurable in hours and days.

We can exploit these skills during work processes, which we will talk about inside the second part of the capability discussion..

We are confident that inside your company there are a lot of tasks which can be automated with AI: In case you would like to enjoy the advantages of artificial intelligence, then apply to our free consultation on one of our contacts.

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