Optimized Warehousing

Optimized Warehousing

Trading companies operate with complex logistic systems in which the primary objective is to monitor, optimize, and reduce spending on stocks. The complexity of these tasks increases with the amount of goods exponentially. Artificial intelligence is able to see the information and correlation behind the data and thus help the purchasing team provide an optimized inventory and stock management plan.

AiCAN is committed to find the usages and integration of artificial intelligence, into our every day lives. We collected a couple off useful and innovative use cases. Inside the following posts you can read about the recently feasible and applicable solutions and case studies. Our goal is to introduce the artificial intelligence to company leaders, and give you a piece about the developments of AiCAN.

Inventory management is a core part of the operations that is associated with high costs. Minimizing stock levels is a very important task as it can ensure optimum utilization of the warehouse. However, the optimization process can only be achieved with very accurate forecasts, taking into account seasonality, trends, and other decisive factors. The process is complicated by the fact that forecasting features are often complex and available in huge data sets. Processing and utilizing data is a major challenge for professionals.

Advanced computer learning algorithms (artificial intelligence) allow consumer mood analysis, consumer behavior patterns, and market analysis to provide accurate demand forecasts. Stockholders can reduce inventory levels without fearing shortage of stock, thereby reducing their operating costs. There is no unnecessary part or deficit in an optimized warehouse, only content that complies with current requirements. The use of technology in such a field is no proof that Oracle, Salesforce and Amazon are also using technology to optimize their inventory.

We are confident that inside your company there are a lot of tasks which can be automated with AI: In case you would like to enjoy the advantages of artificial intelligence, then apply to our free consultation on one of our contacts.

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