Foods, you want

Foods, you want

The most cooking start with a lot of searching and thinking. We use to want the meal, but don’t really know what we do want to eat. Artificial Intelligence can change this: we can save the searching time and make a varied menu for us. Let’s Start!

AiCAN is committed to find the usages and integration of artificial intelligence, into our every day lives. We collected a couple off useful and innovative use cases. Inside the following posts you can read about the recently feasible and applicable solutions and case studies. Our goal is to introduce the artificial intelligence to company leaders, and give you a piece about the developments of AiCAN.

What should I cook today? We meet with this question a lot. The answers are: “I don’t know”, “Whatever”, “I’m thinking about it”. It’s pretty hard to find a recipe to satisfy these kind of answers. The artificial intelligence capable of get our taste and lifestyle. It can propose a proper meal or recipe. It is personalized and trained on your habits. It’s computing the time, cost, ingredients, and relevancy based on your and your family’s taste to give you your favorites. Guaranteed diverse menu and you don’t have to eat schnitzels all the time.

We are confident that inside your company there are a lot of tasks which can be automated with AI: In case you would like to enjoy the advantages of artificial intelligence, then apply to our free consultation on one of our contacts.

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