Serve Your Health

Serve Your Health

AiCAN is committed to find the usages and integration of artificial intelligence, into our every day lives. We collected a couple off useful and innovative use cases. Inside the following posts you can read about the recently feasible and applicable solutions and case studies. Our goal is to introduce the artificial intelligence to company leaders, and give you a piece about the developments of AiCAN.

Our next idea is health related and one of the biggest friend of personal comfort and big supporter of our private zone. Let’s Start!


During the morning hours we observe some unusual symptoms on our skin. We feel distraction until a doctor give us treatments.  At the afternoon we can go to one, who is categorize the disease, give us a diagnosis and a receipt to handle it. The whole process is hard and uncomfortable, because it consumes our time, moreover we have to let a stranger enter in our private zone.


Our planet has a bunch of undeveloped areas, like Africa or South-America, where peoples aren’t that lucky as we mentioned before. They don’t have the opportunity to visit a doctor. It is clear for us that within half an hour we can find a doctor, but they don’t have this way to solve these kind of problems, because the number of doctors per head is a really small value. Most of them don’t even try to travel to a doctor after the present of a symptom, which is causing the more serious diseases, infections and the early death. Now with technology we can do some for them for sure.


Everyone has a smartphone with camera inside with relatively good resolution. This is true fro the undeveloped countries as well. Take your time and think about it. Would be cool right, just take a picture of the little monster on your (let’s say) fist, and immediately get help from an expert. In a moment, you would know the diagnosis and the type of treatments as well, therefore you have the solution. Artificial intelligence is making it possible. It is capable of walk through the literature, understand the correlations between symptoms, diseases and treatments, and with the help of image processing, exceed the accuracy of a group of human experts. Fast, precise, flexible, available and could make our life much more easier, even saving lives as well.

We are confident that inside your company there are a lot of tasks which can be automated with AI: In case you would like to enjoy the advantages of artificial intelligence, then apply to our free consultation on one of our contacts.

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